Best modest fashion brands to look stylish this Hari Raya

Best modest fashion brands to look stylish this Hari Raya

Ready for Eid

Text: Asri Jasman

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Hari Raya Aidilfitri (or Hari Raya Puasa) is upon us once again. If you're wondering why the festive occasion seems to be getting earlier in the year, it's because the Muslim calendar consists of at most 355 days a year. Thankfully, celebrations in Singapore this year are looking to be a bit more festive than 2020's Zoom-filled edition. And that means that it's time for some new and stylish renditions of traditional wear.

It's never really too early to get ready for Hari Raya. In fact, we reckon you probably should get outfits checked out at least two weeks before the big day; just in case there are shipping delays. To aid in shortlisting your selections, we've curated a list of some of the best modest fashion labels – from Singaporean-owned to Malaysia-based ones — that'll help get you in the mood for a bit of post-Ramadan feasting and merry-making.


Categories: Womenswear and menswear
What: ANAABU is the brand to go-to for contemporary interpretations of classic Malay traditional fashion. The cuts are always generous with the use of lightweight, textural fabrics that are perfect for the tropics.

Baju by Oniatta

Categories: Womenswear and menswear
What: With a mission of reviving and reinventing the way that batik is used in fashion, Baju by Oniatta is known for artful combinations of patterns and colours. The traditional art form has never looked this good.
Where: Galeri Tokokita at 757A North Bridge Road, Level 2, Singapore 198725


Categories: Womenswear
What: Feminine in silhouette and design, Malaysian-based BELLAPIZO's B Lebaran collections revel in the use of softer colours and delicate floral prints. We love that the designs mostly consist of matching two-pieces that can be easily matched with basics post-Hari Raya.


Categories: Womenswear
What: Singapore brand ELDA takes pride in producing in limited quantities in order to minimise production wastage. Its Hari Raya selections may be small but are beautifully designed with flattering proportions.


Categories: Womenswear
What: The brand prides itself on being 'Singapore's first conscious modest label'. HAFIZAH GHAZALI does this by ensuring that its sourcing, manufacturing and production practices are sustainable. In fact, its Hari Raya collection is done through a made-to-measure basis, with designs meant to be worn beyond the festive season.


Categories: Womenswear
What: A female-founded brand, Hanya (the Malay translation for 'only') is all about exclusivity and female empowerment. The brand has teamed up with bridal designer Fuzana Mokhtaza for a dreamy Hari Raya 2021 collection with deliciously voluminous details.


Categories: Womenswear
What: Luxe in design and fabrication, INNAI RED's offerings are elaborate with standout details that will ensure that you won't be left in the background of any group photo. The prices are one of the highest on this list but you're definitely getting your money's worth.

Katt & Co.

Categories: Womenswear and girlswear
What: Katt & Co. is known for its use of original and bold prints in a multitude of colours. Yet at the same time, worked in sleek treatments. Its 2021 collection references '60s mod with A-line cuts and geometric prints.


Categories: Womenswear
What: A Singaporean brand founded for the modern Muslimah, Lasouk's first modest fashion collection proposes contemporary silhouettes with a minimal approach to design. And while they're not specifically for Hari Raya, there are still dressy elements to ensure you're chic for the festivities.

Maison Q

Categories: Womenswear, menswear and kidswear
What: Kidswear brand Maison Q may be known for its reversible kidswear styles done in vibrant and fun prints, but its festive collections are designed for the entire family. Favourites include the brand's signature peplum kurungs and rich jacquard fabrications.


Categories: Womenswear and girlswear
What: Mimpikita has quite a cult following and it's not hard to see why. Its designs are always artfully created with femininity at its core. Its latest collection sees the return of a collaboration with Disney, taking on Arabian-inspired colours and prints.


Categories: Womenswear
What: Singapore-based OliveAnkara brings its vibrant African wax prints to an impressive Raya collection. Fusing aspects of Malay modest fashion (peep the kebaya-inspired top) with founder Ifeoma's African heritage, the designs are anything but staid.

Rico Rinaldi

Categories: Womenswear and menswear
What: If you're looking for modern interpretations of baju kurung, Rico Rinaldi is one of the best brands to check out. The Malaysian brand's designs often stick to the kurung silhouette but reworked in an assortment of ways that are fresh and elegant.

Rizman Ruzaini

Categories: Womenswear and menswear
What: Rizman Ruzaini is no stranger in the Malaysian fashion scene. The duo are highly regarded for their design sensibilities in dressing some of the most famous Malaysian faces. The brand's Raya collection is a celebration of its 15 years in the industry and features a curation of both minimal and more elaborate designs.

Sueka Sueka

Categories: Womenswear
What: There's hardly anything overtly traditional about Sueka Sueka's designs. The brand bases its creations on traditional silhouettes but reworks them into more simplified versions with stylised details in line with a contemporary vision.