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Text: Jolene Khor

All of Grana's first full swim collection, above, all the reasons why you'll love it, below

Fashion mantras.

You either chant them in your sleep, or you dismiss them with a flick of your finger when they show up on your algorithmic feed on Instagram. We've all seen our favourites bastardised in typewriter font, set on faux vintage paper. Cushnie et Ochs' "Life is too short to wear boring clothes" and that iconic Bo Derek saying, "Whoever said that money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping" were the most recent ones that wiggled their way around our filter to land on our radar. And then there's the truly cringe-worthy sort making the rounds, going by the lot of "Friends don't let friends wear bad outfits" and "These bags under my eyes are Prada", traditionally printed in black and white for that millennial effect.

But as with clichés of other nature, most style vocables are branded with certain truths responsible for their relatability — making them oh-so-quotable — in the first place. Take the following aphorism: It's been said that the fundamentals of a successful wardrobe is built upon the decisions made in the fitting room. Which is to say, make the hard calls pre-purchase (considering size, cut, material, pairings with existing pieces, et cetera) for seamless, coherent dressing later on.

The same decree applies to swimwear, at shop and at home. Pack one — or a couple — simple staple piece from Grana that fits you to a T, and you'll never spend a spare minute playing nothing-to-wear in your 5-star resort while the sunshine wastes away.

The Hong Kong label's swim fundamentals have all the makings of a "wet weather" primary. Yes, every piece from Grana's first full swimwear collection is crafted from a specially formulated poly-blend, ensuring a super lightweight, comfortably clingy and fast-drying wear, but its crest hangs in its delicate balance of retro and now, timeless and on-the-pulse. Nine styles in black, olive and blush for the ladies and two for the gents in navy, olive and blue herringbone, Grana swimwear is made as seamless and smooth as its pairings with the rest of your highly curated wardrobe.

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