Grana, the casualwear label that's equal parts heart, quality and sustainability, has arrived in Singapore

Grana, the casualwear label that's equal parts heart, quality and sustainability, has arrived in Singapore

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Text: Andrea Sim

In town for a one month pop-up in Tiong Bahru, Hong Kong-based label Grana is more than meets the eye — here's why

E-commerce clothing label Grana doesn't try to complicate things. Its wares are simple: an airy, silk slip dress to nail the dog days; a snuggly, cashmere jumper to keep cosy in crisp weather. They steer clear of experimental designs despite starting up in the thick of fashion's appetite for maximalism, choosing to drill down on basic, easy-to-wear silhouettes instead. Despite that, the four-year-old label's cotton tees and Japanese denim are worth a double take.

Heck, we're pretty certain this is the fifth time we're putting Grana on your radar, for good reason — and this one’s because they're back on our shores with a physical pop-up shop in Tiong Bahru. Below, get to know the brand inside out. 

In the arcane world of fashion — scratch that, consumerism — quality is an easy, default marketer for the steep prices we pay. Grana however, belongs to a different school of thought. Its business model is centred on bringing cost savings to the customer, achieved through the whittling down of the multiple steps it takes for a product to reach its home. No distributors, stockists, or wholesalers... the brand delivers via a singular stock warehouse in Hong Kong*. Slip on that new silk tee in peace knowing its affordability is born of heart and strategic thinking — not of the sweat shop variety. Our must-haves, below. 

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There's talk about the clothing industry's need to move towards a more sustainable future, and then there's action that starts the ball rolling sooner rather than later. Grana is of the latter, incorporating eco-friendly fabrics Tencel® and Lenzing Modal® — biodegradable fibres manufactured with water-saving techniques and only tapping on sustainable sources — into their repertoire last year. The brand's penchant for classics and wearable pieces too, winds up as an unintentional green contender for the 'buy less, buy better' movement to reuse more often and reduce waste.

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When it comes to choice of fabrics, think of Grana's stable as a 'best of' selection. Its silk hails from Huzhou (China's City of Silk known for an unrivalled smooth touch to the skin) and cashmere, from Mongolia for its dual quality of keeping a wearer warm in the cold but yet, is breathable in the heat. The provenance of Grana's linen jersey, organic, is that of Northern France, chosen specifically for its temperate that is best suited for growing the fibres needed. We'll take one of each fabrication, please. 

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Visit Grana's pop-up located at 59 Eng Hoon Street, #01-65, Singapore 160059. Open Monday through Sunday from 10am to 8pm. Now till 31 March.

Update: Grana is extending their pop-up by three weeks and will now run till 20 April. 

*In spirit of keeping costs low by occupying a single inventory location, Grana invites you down to its pop-up to touch, feel and try on the clothing — with purchases to be made online only.

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