Watch: Fendi drops a chunky sneaker in the heat of a breakdance battle

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Text: Andrea Sim

Lensed on feet of world-record breakdancers, a new chunky runner from Fendi in motion

The rooftop of Fendi's headquarters in Rome has seen much action. It's been canvas to graffiti artists contemplating the world's future, a playground for freerunners that parkoured in Fendi threads, and now, the dance floor to bboys and girls — dropping moves in the house's fresh sneakers. 

The kicks in question? A chunky runner: sporting a highly-panelled upper (design-wise, a dream for colour-blocking and endless colourways), mesh inserts amidst a leather and suede upper (read: made for stunting one's socks) and, Fendi's comeback FF logo on a transparent tongue. Monikered 'Fancy Fendi', with comfort to fortify aesthetics by way of a thick, rubber sole and cushion gel bubble.  

Fendi Fancy Fendi sneakers fall 2018

As a continuation of the house's 'F is For...' series celebrating mavericks, the sneaker makes its entrance in a dance battle; on the feet of seven award-winning and record-holding breakdancers who bust a move or three on Fendi's rooftop. Watch the shoe in action above, and browse the colourways below. 

Fancy Fendi sneakers are available in stores now.

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