10 under 10: Fashionable tots to follow on Instagram

10 under 10: Fashionable tots to follow on Instagram

Pint-sized #OOTD

Text: Bianca Husodo

Image: Instagram | @luisafere

Move over North West and Harper Beckham: These trendsetting tots are taking Instagram by storm. Decked in Vetements socks and high-top Vans, you'll be completely smitten with every double tap

1. London Scout, @scoutfashion
Follow for: A stylish mum-and-daughter New York City takeover
Fun fact: Scout enjoys ballet spins and loves dog-whispering
Age: 4
Instagram | @scoutfashion
2. Ry Larson, @kelli_murray
Follow for: Vintage-tinged pixels of the photogenic Murray family
Fun fact: Ry has an equally blonde baby brother, Cru
Age: 5
Instagram | @kelli_murray
3. Michael Rangamiz, @michaelrangamiz
Follow for: Boy buns and dapper light layering done right
Fun fact: The hipster stud is half Russian, half Iranian
Age: 4
Instagram | @michaelrangamiz
4. Lillie Sol, @lilliesandleon
Follow for: Poetic snapshots of a napping Lillie or big brother Lucas León sneaking in cheek pecks
Fun fact: The Puerto Rican toddler is an expert at removing batteries from all visible remotes
Age: Barely 2
Instagram | @liliesandleon
5. Larissa Cantagalli, @larycant
Follow for: A ripped denim binge and Brazilian beach days
Fun fact: Larissa adores her pet pompom and playdates with fellow mini style-setters
Age: 5
Instagram | @larycant
6. "M" and "D", @2yungkings
Follow for: Double the spruce and cuteness
Fun fact: Fondness over Ray-Bans and penny loafers are shared between these twin tykes
Age: 7
Instagram | @2yungkings
7. Kate Alexandra Ng, @kate_alexandra_ng
Follow for: Endless gushing
Fun fact: Disney princesses are the subjects of Kate's obsession
Age: 3
Instagram | @kate_alexandra_ng
8. Laerta Lea, @fashion_laerta
Follow for: A tress envy you didn't see coming — from pigtails to French braids, Laerta has nailed them all
Fun fact: No one tells her how to pose. She's a natural
Age: 5
Instagram | @fashion_laerta
9. Gavin Duh, @gavinduh
Follow for: Edward Cullen-esque mohawks and perfected eyebrow raises
Fun fact: This young 'un has two adorable years of modelling under his belt
Age: 6
Instagram | @gavinduh
10. Alonso Mateo, @luisafere
Follow for: A glimpse into the Gucci and Dior-donning high life of Alonso Mateo and stylist "momager" Luisa Espinosa
Fun fact: Guram Gvasalia himself gave the lil' fashionisto a pair of Vetements socks, which he couldn't bear to part ways with — even for school
Age: 8
Instagram | @luisafere