Fashion investments to make with your red packet money if you're feeling like a splurge: Dior, Fendi, Bottega...

Fashion investments to make with your red packet money if you're feeling like a splurge: Dior, Fendi, Bottega...

Treat yourself

Text: Gordon Ng

Editor: Jolene Khor

Yes, yes, the fiscally prudent thing to do with extra money (i.e. from Chinese New Year) is to save it. That is, if you're young and single enough to still be receiving, not giving. But there's a case to be made for indulgence, provided your spoils are an extra bonus you don't need to put into something critical, like a house (oof) or overdue bills (yikes). We can all have a little fashion as a treat, can't we?

Something for literal rainy days

It's a literal way of subverting the good old saying, but really consider buying a waterproof piece of outerwear so you can skip out on toting around an umbrella. A nylon parka or overcoat is an easy choice, but if you really want to splurge, consider Loro Piana's Rain and Storm System garments. The premium natural fabrics are treated so water slides right off and keeps you completely dry under your jacket.


A big ol' boot

According to the recent runway collections, stomping season is in. With it, great big hefty boots that look gritty enough to weather soot in style. Of course, the high fashion versions mostly just look that way — on the inside, they're still a comfortable treat for the feet. Less chunky options are available too, for those looking for more streamlining.


A bag of art

Think of this as a purchase that flouts requirements of practicality and pragmatism. Go for the bag that's been crafted and created for the simple pleasures of beauty. Brand collaborations with artists are a good place to start.


A future classic

By future classic, we mean a bag with a timeless design that's still relatively young. Consider it an upcoming companion to the perennial 2.55s, Birkins, Baguettes, and Saddles. Our eyes are on the new designs by Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta.


An iconic blazer

If you intend to invest in a jacket, you might as well put your money into a silhouette as iconic as the Bar. It's stood the test of time since it was first shown in 1947, and the soft shoulders, nipped waist, and full waist are just as distinctly Dior today as it was back then.


Heels you can walk in

It can be hard to give up high heels, but the reality of walking in them? It literally hurts. The meeting in the middle you might want to strive for is a pair of kitten heels that are just as sexy as six inch stilettos sans the pain.


A camel coat

Camel coats are a staple for power dressing this decade. It's had its cultural moments (thanks, Nancy Pelosi) and the style is back in strength. You'll never go wrong with Max Mara, which originated the luxury fashion version of the style.


A hat

Hats! So often overlooked, yet many a time just the accessory you need to top off an outfit. Expert milliners are rare these days, compared to fashion designers and brands, but you will hardly get anything short of beautiful from Stephen Jones, whose pieces sell at Dover Street Market Singapore.


A novelty item

The only reason you need to buy a novelty fashion item: why not? If it makes you smile, chuckle, or laugh, and you have the cash to splash, get the collectible oddity. These usually have great archival value as pieces of fashion history, and more importantly are worth their weight in gold as conversation starters.


Good hangers

If you absolutely insist on not buying any more fashion, then consider splurging on a well-made hanger on which to hang your existing pieces. The ones from Hay are made with a matte rubber surface so your clothes don't slide off, and gently rounded edges to protect the shoulders of your coats and jackets.