5 eco-friendly swimwear labels deserving of a spot in your vacation wardrobe

5 eco-friendly swimwear labels deserving of a spot in your vacation wardrobe

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Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Oséa,
All Sisters,
Vitamin A,
Sage Larock

Short of skinny dipping, we present five options for a naked conscience on your next tropical getaway

Earth's ailing health is not a new topic. Awareness of its symptoms date as far back as the '50s. Countless NGOs and initiatives are knee-deep in efforts to restore its well-being. There are businesses re-adjusting manufacturing processes in name of sustainability down the road. This begs the question: What is the everyman's role?

It's easy to shrug off responsibility in the face of large scale issues — the culprit, ignorance or a lack of concern. But what many fail to realise is that the digital age affords effort towards change with as little as a click of the mouse. Love sneakers? These Nike kicks are made up of recycled leather fibers. Can't give up the guilty pleasure that is trendy, fast fashion? Indulge in H&M — the retailer has a Conscious collection, and 26% of its entire range utilises sustainable fabrication. If a beach vacation is on the year-end agenda, options are aplenty — such as these eco-friendly swimwear brands that work towards a greener environment. 


Need to know: Hong Kong label Oséa has staked its niche in solid-hued, no frills silhouettes. The occassional printed swimsuit features hand-drawn patterns. 

Eco-friendly efforts: The brand's Back to Basics range utilises fabrics that are 78% recycled fiber (Econyl), derived from waste found in fishing nets. 

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Need to know: Like Oséa, Barcelona-based brand All Sisters favour sleek, clean cuts; their pieces are almost exclusively monochrome in palette. A penchant for criss-cross straps and cut-outs afford a sultry edge. 

Eco-friendly efforts: The brand uses only Italian fabrics that are up to the standard of Made in Green by Oeko-Tex — a company ensuring green production practices, as well as developing environmentally-friendly materials.  

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3. RIZ

Need to know: Here's one for the boys. Based in London, Riz was born of the desire for swimwear that could last for ages and wouldn't harm the Earth. Offering two lengths of boardshorts (mid-thigh and knee-length), the brand immortalises endangered ocean life on its products by way of prints.

Eco-friendly efforts: Their boardshorts are 100% spun from recycled textiles, and the patterns achieved through digital printing utilising environmentally-friendly inks. As all Riz swimwear are recyclable, trading in an old pair gets you a discount on the next purchase. In addition, £1 from every boardshorts sold goes to the Marine Conservation Society that's dedicated to keeping the oceans clean.

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Need to know: Californian label Vitamin A came to life from its founder's love for nature, and experience working with green proponent Yvon Chouinard — the force behind outdoor brand Patagonia. Its So-Cal sensibilities guarantee that their swimsuits are downright sexy. Think: Plunging necklines and lattice detailing.

Eco-friendly efforts: EcoLux, a recycled nylon fabric developed by Vitamin A in partnership with textile producers, is what the brand's swimwear is made of. Their environmentally-friendly efforts extend to the production process, using waterless digital printing and manufacturing locally in California to cut back on carbon footprint. 

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Need to know: Simplicity is the bedrock of Los Angeles-based brand Sage Larock, founded by a model-turned-designer who honed her craft in San Francisco. 

Eco-friendly efforts: Like All Sisters, the brand utilises fabrics certified by Oeko-Tex; a mixture of organic cotton and recycled textiles made up of fishing nets and ocean debris. In place of chemical dyes, Sage Larock chooses plant-based pigments, and also contributes to Healthy Seas — an initiative that cleans up the oceans and turns the waste into recycled fabrics. 

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