Clean slate: The minimalist, forward-looking influencer outfits that are perfect for the new year

Clean slate: The minimalist, forward-looking influencer outfits that are perfect for the new year

Tabula rasa

Text: Ryan Sng

Every Gregorian calendar cycle brings with it a glut of suggestions from websites and magazines to hit 'reset', both materially and emotionally. In simple terms: ‘Shake It Off’, as Taylor Swift (and Mariah Carey before her) would say. Fashion rags obediently toe the line, touting borderline ascetic style as a blank canvas upon which to build a new you. Minimalism is all well and good, but we take issue with the idea that our old sass and messiness can't follow us into the New Year. With that in mind, we looked to some of fashion's top influencers to show us how to clean things up come New Year's, without looking like a joyless monk.

1. Get everything off your chest, and walk into 2019 with an open heart.
As in, go shirtless, or dress like you're preparing for open-heart surgery.



2. Wear lots of subdued neutrals as a bold political statement.
Tired of our socially divided world? Next year, signal your non-committal disinterest in all serious issues with an equally non-committal wardrobe. Is that beige, or grey? "It's greige". Are you a feminist, or sexist? "I'm a humanist". See? Consistency is the hallmark of truly great style.



3. Don't look back.
On the topic of truthiness... Why not let a backless outfit be a metaphor for our increasingly tenuous relationship with the past? Just like a strategically placed rear cutout, it's behind us, we can't get a clear look at it, and it's open to (mis)interpretation. Embrace it.



4. Fire up that baby cannon.
Nothing says 'fresh start' or 'style upgrade' quite like a newborn. Just as utilitarian fashion came to us from, uh, hard labour, so too can the unglamorous demands of motherhood raise us to new heights of fashion ingenuity. After stripping away — no studs, or choke-y and snaggy bits — the excess, you'll be free to focus on the fundamentals of good style: funky OOTD poses (baby on hip! Baby on other hip!) and new ways to disguise spit-up. What could go wrong?