A Buro. family Christmas gift guide: What the fashion team wants to buy our colleagues

A Buro. family Christmas gift guide: What the fashion team wants to buy our colleagues

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Text: Ryan Sng

Illustrator: Hazirah Rahim

Living and breathing fashion is a curse. We can't help but think about clothing at the worst possible moments ("that's a lovely LBD, even for occasions outside of this funeral"), and find ourselves remembering people primarily by the quirks of their wardrobe ("what colour are their eyes? I mean, I sit across from them almost daily but I haven't a clue."). Christmas is all about giving and receiving, so we, the Buro. Singapore fashion department, have given ourselves the gift of styling our co-workers, just like we've always dreamed. Browse through the gallery above, featuring illustrations from one of our victi- I mean, subjects, and what we would buy them were money no object.

How to spot Esther: there’s not a bold print alive that Buro.’s Editor-in-chief hasn’t conquered.
Suggested gift: a pastel, pattern-clashed dress, to give her a challenge. 

How to spot Aravin: Buro.’s Culture Editor is in a comfortable, long-term relationship with his black CDG sneakers.
Suggested gift: powder pink sneakers, to mix things up a little.

How to spot Janice:  keeping a finger on the pulse of Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle beat means Buro.’s Associate Lifestyle Editor favours effortless-yet-pulled-together jumpsuits.
Suggested gift: a dressier jumpsuit, cos who doesn’t enjoy the occasional hit of OTT glamour?

How to spot Vanessa: you’ll usually find Buro.’s Digital Creative Producer in sustainably-sourced, flowy black dresses.
Suggested gift: a cool (and witty) new pair of vegan shoes to complement her ethically-minded wardrobe. 

How to spot Hazirah: you can’t miss the graphic stylings of Buro.’s Digital Creative, who leans towards statement earrings and bright, printed dresses.
Suggested gift: a new statement dress to serve as a canvas for her accessories. 

How to spot Crystal: like a Silicon Valley mogul, Buro.’s Marketing and Content Strategist has found a reliable, signature uniform in black tank tops paired with jeans.
Suggested gift: investment earrings, to jazz up her laid-back everyday style.

How to spot David: Buro.’s resident Videographer has a penchant for tastefully printed, short-sleeved shirts.
Suggested gift: a gaudy AF Hawaiian shirt, for his holiday shenanigans. 

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