Christian Dada cops the logo of tech giant Foxconn, but could it be more than just fashion parody?

Christian Dada cops the logo of tech giant Foxconn, but could it be more than just fashion parody?

Power of the tee

Text: Andrea Sim

Masanori Morikawa's reference of the Apple iPhone assembler follows closely behind backlash over their employee working conditions

Christian Dada's Morikawa has been more vocal of late. Along with his steady growth of retail points — both offline and online — is the designer's willingness to employ creations as vehicles of opinion; he has made known concerns over tumultuous political affairs and capitalism, and it seems a Taiwainese company's questionable practices has been on his mind.

In the brand's summer capsule spanning mainstays and reissues, the Dada bomber jacket resurfaces with his most recent "dripping" iteration of the logo — the Flight T-shirt is afforded a roomier silhouette and a new chilli red SKU. However, it's his parody tee of Foxconn Technology Group, released to mark Christian Dada’s Taipei flagship store opening, that really comes to the fore.  

While Morikawa has not made known his exact messaging this time around, the most recent calling out of the company (known for assembling Apple's iPhone) on the misuse of student labour via internships suggests that timeliness and thought were likely imperatives — not mere coincidence. Repeated allegations in the last decade over Foxconn's poor working conditions and entanglement in employee suicide cases in both 2011 and 2018, have also snowballed into controversies too large to ignore; Apple, as an employer of its services, has since been placed in line of questioning.

But what else is salient here is Morikawa's love affair with Dadaism: the concept of questioning institutions through art and satire. Inlaid in the ethos of his label as one half of its moniker, it is a constant reminder to the youth consuming his wares to think. At least, beyond the veneer of a rad logo copped for sakes of flexing. 

Available at Christian Dada flagship stores in Singapore, Tokyo and Taipei.