10 fashion items to deflect rude remarks this Chinese New Year

Playing defense

Text: Andrea Sim

Regardless whether you're going in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or jaded AF

The Chinese New Year (CNY) circuit can be pretty unforgiving; not only to our waistlines, but to our self-esteems. While it is the one time of year we relish in its specialty treats and being able to get "free" money without feeling too paiseh about it, nothing in life is truly without a cost. The currency you're dealing in? The brunt of your extended family's kaypoh tendencies. Or worse, downright insensitive jabs.

In interest of deflecting unwarranted comments, we've cherrypicked items (above) to discourage and/or aid your escape route when the CNY shade comes knocking. Have at it, and click on the captions to shop.

The complete Chinese New Year survival guide.


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