Chinese New Year shopping at TANGS: Modern cheongsams, buffet dresses, and more to get your glam on

Chinese New Year shopping at TANGS: Modern cheongsams, buffet dresses, and more to get your glam on

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Text: Janice Sim

This year's Chinese New Year might be shy of a big bang given the current restrictions, but pandemic or not, nothing's going to stop us from fronting our best. Cue the new fits and glorious threads to come through. The yearly affair is but an ostentatious excuse for dressing up. And while all that might also be stressful — given the crowds and looming deadline, there is TANGS to swoop in with its charming line-up of brands, even if you're scrambling to find a showstopper on the eve of Chinese New Year.

For Cheongsams...

Gone are the wayward days when cheongsams were dubbed tacky or one reserved for the older generation, because thanks to emerging brands modernising the iconic dress, dressing in theme sets a new bar — and a pretty high one for that matter to preserve tradition and heritage. If you're seeking something more fluid to move in, Cloth.ier's Cut-In Mandarin Collar Jumpsuit fits the brief without synching you entirely. Bold prints would also ceremoniously befit this special occasion, and we're taking cues from local brand Minor Miracles in a flowy A-line fit, fitted with nifty hidden side pockets. For a shorter length to channel some old-world charm, Deja Vu Vintage has a fit decked out in printed retro bus tickets. To twin with your mini-me for house visiting, peruse Sea Apple's line of alluring selects. Quite the endearing way to safeguard traditions for the young.

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Visit the Cheongsam pop-up at TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 2 and TANGS Vivo City, Level 1 now.

Cinching in the festive bulge while donning on a form-fitting cheongsam might be uncomfortable to pose in. Or rather, you might find yourself out of breath at some stipulated points of visitation. Slipping on some help from Spanx will oblierate any concerns or anxiety surrounding all that, while at the same time, its seamless and stretchy fabric feels just like second skin.

For fronting your own style

Of course, in good spirit of owning your own, pieces veering out of the cheongsam arena are as abundant and varied as they come. TANGS holds a bevy of local designers — some familiar and some emerging. Leave it to IN GOOD COMPANY's timeless silhouettes to keep things sleek while The Form prides on its long-lasting pieces to supercede any trends, just so you can rewear them again and again through the years to come. For something a tad bit spunky, YeoMama Batik weaves traditional handmade batik into their designs — with consideration of different body types. Apart from their cheongsam range, the local family-owned brand also offers other versatile everyday designs. Exclusive to TANGS, Second Female by TANG + Co scores in the flatter department — of V-neck cuts and feminine frocks for that touch of elegance.

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From now till 9 February, visit TANGS' Chinese New Year Street for a plethora of goodies, fresh blooms, and colourful decorations — happening at TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 3 and TANGS VivoCity, Level 1. Alternatively, you can also find the selection online till 5 Feb.

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