The It-bag with the longest shelf life is...

The It-bag with the longest shelf life is...

The Céline Luggage

Text: Jolene Khor

The Luggage — an arm candy of every celebrity and fashion editor many a season ago — is poised for a return

We never quite forget your first love, do we? It's special, not just because it was exciting and new, but because it reminds us of a wonderful chapter in your life. We spend what feels like every moment together and so we can't ever imagine moving on. But inexpicably, we do. Some of us depart with reluctance; others, with relief. But time and again, when we think of it with great fondness, we resign to the fact that nothing will truly replace it. The adoration never really fades.

First love. For many, it's a person. For the young fashionista, it's the Céline Luggage bag.

The It-bag with the longest shelf life is... (фото 1)

Back in the spring of 2010, the Luggage bag was the personification of ubiquity; it would be much easier to name the famous faces who were never snapped toting it than it would be to list those who owned one in every size and colourway. From the shallow depths of the fashion world (Jessica Simpson, the OG Kardashians) to the deep ends of sartorial heavyweights (Mary-Kate Olsen, Rihanna), the Luggage spared the arm of no one. 

Though the 'It' status is hardly loyal to any covetables, the stylistic relevance of this particular utilitarian bag shows no signs of slowing down, to the surprise of many. Just as it was all the rage with the street style youngins of 2010, the big names of now — such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid — haven't been able to put it down.

For those of us looking for an upgrade, listen up. The strong-winged shape in mini, micro and nano sizes get a slight makeover in new shades, shown below.

The spring/summer selection of Céline Luggage bags are available in stores and online.