#BuroLive Episode 22: Tackling athleisure with Tough Cookie Apparel

#BuroLive Episode 22: Tackling athleisure with Tough Cookie Apparel

The sweat life

Text: Jolene Khor

Raise your hands if you think strong is the new sexy

As seen on the recent runways of Paris Fashion Week, the athleisure trend is alive and well. But I'll be honest with you — even if it's on the outs, a little thing like trendiness isn't going to stop me from rolling into work on casual Fridays with my Nike Air Max Day and Lululemon yoga leggings. Sure, I'll toss a leather jacket and a printed headband to mix things up, but that's about it.

Because I'm not about to sacrifice comfort, I always have my eyes peeled for lit workout gear, and Tough Cookie Apparel is a new favourite. Crystal How, founder of the local label mostly designs around pole dancing workouts (her body is amaze) but her stuff is great for weight training, running and even a few serious laps in the pool. During our BuroLive session, she shares with me her favourite pieces, styling tips, and a cute story about that gorgeous logo. Press play.

Also, check out her bras below:

And them tight bottoms:

And tanks for everyday layering:

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