What the Buro fashion team learnt from 2016

What the Buro fashion team learnt from 2016

Checkmate, 2017

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Imaxtree & Getty Images

Our mistakes, your fashion advice

There is a certain truth to the proverb "another year older, another year wiser". As cheesy as it sounds, there's something in the air that has even the best of us feeling sentimental about crossing over into 2017. Did you live, laugh and commit enough fashion faux pas to hit the ground running in the new year? We sure have. With enough questionable fashion decisions to warrant a bloody defeat on one of James Corden's Drop the Mic sessions, we share with you the five key lessons 2016 has taught us — focusing on the good, bad and ugly in hopes of a (stylishly) better 2017. 

1. When in doubt, throw on a long billowing coat
"Take a cue from those devastatingly hip Parisians in the Marais and romp around town in a light, but full and dramatic, coat. Fashion is all about movement. And there's nothing more chic than long blustering outerwear paired with a simple white tee and jeans (ripped if you're keen)." — Norman Tan, editor-in-chief 
2. Never underestimate the importance of a classic pair of sneakers
"If there is anything I've learnt from my travels to last season's fashion week was the importance of always travelling with a classic pair of sneaks. My favourite pair? Vans Old Skool in black and white. It matches easily with any ensemble and reliably comfy when I needed to run five blocks from one show to the other. " — Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha, fashion editor-at-large

3. Don't throw away old logo and band T-shirts
"Two things that will never fade from existence: Music, and branding. Also arguably two of the year's biggest comebacks in terms of fashion trends. Your worn in AC/DC tees last seen in the donation bin of your neighbourhood Salvation Army? Now retailing for a cool $162. Not forgetting, those Gucci logo sweatshirts that took over the '80s and '90s which have made a better comeback than Eminem ever has. While it's impossible to hang on to all purchases ever made, one thing's for sure: I won't be ditching my logo and band tees again anytime soon." — Andrea Sim, fashion writer 
4. No one wears ties anymore
"So when you do, you really stand out. 'Looking rather dapper today', they'll say. But, if done wrong — that is, anything thicker than a four-in-hand knot — you look like a stooge. Or a banker wanker. Not sure which is worst, TBH. Lesson learnt? Contrast the dressed-up look of a shirt-and-tie with sneakers, caps or a non-traditional jacket." — Norman Tan, editor-in-chief
 5. Taking matters into your own hands by DIY
"Looking back at 2016, it was clearly a year about updating your favourite classics with patchworking, iron-on patches and embroidery. Come 2017, I'm going to pick up skills in embroidery stitching and patchworking. If time is a factor, I'd suggest heading to Fin Crafted Goods Co. to get your favourite pieces — jeans, surplus jackets and tote bags — boro patchworked and giving them a new lease of life." — Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha, fashion editor-at-large