Wardrobe resolutions: How the Buro team is going to shake things up for 2017

Wardrobe resolutions: How the Buro team is going to shake things up for 2017

New year, new us

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

Whether it's to curate, edit or reinvent their wardrobes, here's what the Buro team will be pledging to do sartorially this 2017

Andrea Sim, fashion writer
"2017 will be the year I stop buying — and wearing — variations of the same silhouette. While I live in oversized jumpers despite Singapore's 30 degree weather (willpower, y'all) and own too many pairs of trainers for someone who doesn't even run, fact is, I'm bored. So to start 2017 on an adventurous whim, I've done the deed on a pair of green glitter Maison Margiela boots and have made a mental note to stop buying sweaters that are two sizes too large. As for "summer" dressing? I'll leave that for 2018."

Denise Kok, lifestyle editor
"Since 2016 is the year I successfully Kon-Maried my home and work station, I hope to bring some of that "life-changing magic of tidying up" to my wardrobe next year. My goal? To whittle my wardrobe down to 50 pieces. I foresee a lot of black, some jacquard and prints, and touches of cashmere because the less-is-more route doesn't have to be austere. Since my partner works in fashion and constantly tries to get me into clothes I wouldn't normally wear, I might give some thought to his suggestions this year." 

Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha, fashion editor-at-large
"My 2017 wardrobe resolution is to stop buying clothes, period. The biggest thing I learnt from my move to Nepal was the sheer amount of clothes I have, owned, accumulated — however you want to put it. The fact that I could only pack and ship what I needed forced me to sit down and sort through every single piece of clothing I owned. Through this process, I saw the purchasing mistakes I've made and also took mentally notes of what items I have enough of and what I always gravitate towards. This year, I'm going to find different ways to put ensembles together with what I already have and put the fun back in dressing up. Game on."

Renée Batchelor, beauty editor
"For 2017 I would like to buy more consciously with a quality versus quantity approach. If I do splurge it will likely be on shoes and one to two key bags, but I will probably spend more wisely on clothing. As for where I look for fashion, I will go beyond the usual brands I target and look at alternative sources like Korean brands and emerging designers." 

Adibah Isa, culture editor
"I definitely need more LBD dresses in my life, and you can never have enough band tees — even if you're not necessarily a fan. I made my first designer bag purchases this year to affirm my place in this material world and I have no regrets, I swear! I'm a pretty casually-dressed person but in 2017, I'd like to tailor a bitchin' blazer that means business." 

Angelyn Kwek, writer
"Looking at my mostly monochrome closet, I already know what I need for 2017: More colour. Though I'm not talking rainbow-brites or eclectic prints since my personal style leans more towards understated fall/winter vibes, but bright pops in staples like a sleek blazer or an effortlessly chic dress (for those 'can't-be-fussed-to-plan-my-outfit' lazy days) are on my shopping list. Also, never be taken in by vegan leather ever again — that stuff cracks and peels like the devil after a dozen wears and four washes. #gimmegenuineleather"

Norman Tan, editor-in-chief
"I'm a shopaholic, and my wardrobe knows it. It's so full that I literally can't even squeeze in one more T-shirt - folded, rolled or otherwise. I. Literally. Cannot. Even. And it's not just 'landfill fashion' either, guys. We're talking Ermenegildo Zegna Couture jackets, Burberry trenches and Prada coats. With enough clothes to dress a village — a super fashionable and on-trend village, that is — it's time for an edit. It's time to de-clutter so I can import some Balenciaga. In short, it's time for a sale! So for 2017, I'm going to organise a fashion flea market, with a portion of proceeds going towards helping underprivileged kids supported by CYF Nepal. Watch this space." 

Tracy Phillips , contributing editor
"Understanding more about the negative impact fashion has on the environment has affected how I shop and some of the choices I've made this year will continue into 2017. This includes only buying items I think I can wear at least 30 times, only purchasing pieces that are well made so they will last longer and shopping in my own wardrobe first before I go out and accumulate more stuff. As a person with very eclectic style, whose probably more maximist then minimalist, instead of feeling restricted I've made it a fun challenge, to always find new ways to wear the same pieces and use accessories to dial up a look."