10 swimwear brands to get you through any summer

10 swimwear brands to get you through any summer

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Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Eres,
Lisa Marie Fernandez,
Orlebar Brown,
She Made Me,
Frescobol Carioca,
Ward Whillas,
Solid & Striped

Looking to stand out from the crowd or on the prowl for quality swimwear? Gents and ladies, here are 10 labels to bring the heat

These handmade swimsuits from New York label Kiini are stitched to hit the bohemian sweet spot. The array of bikinis and one-piecers in solid hues are enlivened with colourful borders, perfect for turning heads. Expect ample attention from even the ladies — chances are, they're itching to know where your swimsuit's from.  

Kiini best swimwear brands 2016

You can't get anymore classic than Solid & Striped, but don't let the name fool you. The label native to New York can also be counted on for a good '60s gingham bikini. Cut high on the thighs to elongate the gams with mid-waist bottoms that'll conceal last night's fajitas, the search for form-flattering maillots, bikinis and even full bodies, ends here. 

Solid & Striped best swimwear brands 2016

The brand from Down Under have made a name for themselves in all things crochet. Hand woven in a muted palette — not unlike a Reyes filtered Instagram sundown — for that bonus vintage feel, it's the perfect piece to whip out mid-summer as it's best paired with a healthy glow. Break it in on Bondi and work your way around the globe. 

She Made Me best swimwear brands 2016

Frescobol Carioca may specialise in beautiful, handcrafted beach bats, but that only means that they have an equally handsome line of swim shorts to hit the waters and lounge in. Inspired by the beach days of yore where Cariocas (the people of Rio) would play frescobol — a mini racquet game, the brand's forte lies in its understated yet unique prints. Boys, just imagine: The flurry of confetti at the Rio Carnival and mosaic sidewalk of Barra da Tijuca on a pair of graphical swim shorts.

Frescobol Carioca best swimwear brands 2016

This French swimsuit label is known for it's trinity of style, fit and quality. Achieved through hi-tech fabrication in the name of achieving that 'second skin', Eres has built a star-studded following that counts bombshells Halle Berry and Jessica Alba as one of the throng. 

Eres best swimwear brands 2016

These bathers are not dissimilar to the ones your mom picked out for you as a kid, except, they're a whole lot better looking. The simple bikinis, one-piecers and rash guards are reversible, quick drying, and cut from fabrics that provide UV protection. Now the best bit: Made from compression materials, Ward Whillas' swimsuits will have you looking sleek all summer. Mom should definitely know about these

Ward Whillas best swimwear brands 2016

The British crew behind Orlebar Brown see their swimwear as 'shorts you can swim in'. Just slim enough to cut a sharp sillhouette and fastened with a zip and snap button closure (instead of a drawstring), it's these little things — and the precision tailoring — that makes all the difference. Take them to the boardwalk, café, and everywhere else in between. 

Orlebar Brown best swimwear brands 2016

You can always count on Lisa Marie Fernandez for great support. Looking to the compression effects of scuba gear and a pioneer in incorporating it in leisurewear, the firm and forgiving nature of the neoprene swimsuits will make sure you cut a trim figure. Unless you're Kendall or Gigi, the extra help can't hurt.

Lisa Marie Fernandez best swimwear brands 2016

"Our strength is bringing fantasy to guys wearing a grey suit all year long", the French swimwear brand's CEO Roland Herlory once declared. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Think cheeky turtles, sketchings of sailboats, and even scenic coastlines by Italian photographer Massimo Vitali. But, the gents don't get to keep the fun and whimsy all to themselves — Vilebrequin's family-centric vision means that the wives and tots are also part of the gang. 

Vilebrequin best swimwear brands 2016

As the proverb goes: Do one thing, and do it well. For Maria Dobrzanska Reeves of Marysia, it's scalloped swimwear. From the daintiest of two-piecers to elegant maillots, the signature scalloped edges of Marysia bathers keep things fresh without straying from the classics. Every season, Reeves reimagines the delicate detailing in ways that makes us want to collect them all.  

Marysia best swimwear brands 2016