Affordable bridesmaid dresses you can wear every day, from Love, Bonito, In Good Company, Sabrina Goh, and more

Affordable bridesmaid dresses you can wear every day, from Love, Bonito, In Good Company, Sabrina Goh, and more

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Text: Ryan Sng Gordon Ng

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Being a bridesmaid has traditionally been a thankless role. In ancient times, they were reputedly doppelgangers for the woman of the hour, and wore dresses almost identical to the bride's to divert the attention of evil spirits who sought to ruin the wedding. Later on, frumpy bridesmaids' outfits — ostensibly boosting a bride's comparative allure — became so entrenched in the popular imagination that Katherine Heigl's 'always-the-bridesmaid' vehicle 27 Dresses soared at the box office, while a frock-hunting scene in Bridesmaids produced one of the most side-splitting scatological slapstick scenes in history (above).

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But those days are far behind us. In 2020, the last thing our boo'd-up gal pals want is to make us feel uncomfortable in our bridal party attire, or, worse, resentful and morally outraged at the amount spent on an unappealing, single-use dress. With that in mind, we've rounded up a list of the best high-street options for bridesmaid dresses that you can wear all day, errday below.

Love, Bonito

The occasionwear from local label Love, Bonito are real sleeper hits. The silhouettes are typically unfussy and the vibes summery, with just enough detail — tiered ruffles, jacquard fabrics, pleating, occasional prints — to give the dress enough life beyond its bridesmaid debut.

In Good Company

Another Singaporean label (shop local!) that's great for modern essentials with a twist is In Good Company. Their prices run close to that of international contemporary designers, but you can expect comfortable fabrics and flattering cuts.


The Italian label Pinko is relatively new to Singapore, but it's worth checking out for funky designs that toe the line between occasion and everyday wear. Upside: the brand produces in smaller numbers (not unlike luxury houses), so it's unlikely you'll see the dress you've bought on another person.

Sabrina Goh

Sabrina Goh's architectural designs are a faultless go-to for dresses that can do double duty for occasions and the day-to-day. The precisely-shaped silhouettes and thoughtful details — usually strategic tucks, gathers, or ruffles — keep her dresses interesting, and they're great pieces on which to layer and accessorize in order to dress the look up or down.