Chinese sneaker label WOS33 drops two new colourways shot in Paris' Chinatown

Cultural turf

Text: Andrea Sim

The near century old label beefs up its offering, gets musicians, artists, activists and skaters to take their sneakers for a spin in Paris

The name WOS33 (AKA Warrior/回力) might be alien even to those who keep up with the sneakerverse, but that's probably because despite being in the game for 91 years, the brand has two vastly varied chapters to its storied history. The first, as shoemaker to Chinese athletes in the 19oos; and the second, as the streetwise name shodding the feet of a cool corterie today — the latter embodied by the brand's recent campaign above. 

It heads to the Asian-influenced streets of Paris' 13th arrondissement where a large Chinese community resides, lensing a posse of musicians, skaters, activists and artists in two new colourways wabi-sabi style. Archive-inspired releases are fronted in a restaurant packed with diners, in action outside a library, or chilling in the back of a truck, with the white-on-white and white plus black additions turning Warrior's streamlined offering into a six-piece strong line-up.

Browse the campaign above, and sneakers close-up below:

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