The Valentino Bloomy bag is changing our mind about pretty florals

The Valentino Bloomy bag is changing our mind about pretty florals

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Text: Jolene Khor

Pink's revolution has come and gone. Gear up for a floral renaissance

Stereotypes are a b*tch.

If you succumb to them, to the world watching you're just another chick next door. Typical. Unimaginative. Basic. If you fight against it, you're a rebel without a cause. You're difficult. You're individualistic. You're narcissistic. It's an exhaustive, endless battle within, yet a cruel, judgmental subjugation women face on the daily.

So when the Valentino Bloomy bag landed on our laps, we felt the looming dilemma — it's exquisitely crafted, that goes without saying. Drapes of the hoods on Bloomy shoulder bags are fluid only because of the supple leather; their movements gently held by Valentino's iconic studs. But there's the pretty label attached to it; is it too pretty? Then the plight of pink came to mind. Specifically, how designers (male and female) reclaimed it for our sex at a time when our gender identity was cornered. If pink could be perceived as strong and powerful, shouldn't florals deserve the same renaissance? Pierpaolo Piccioli answered months ago on the runway of Valentino's fall/winter 2018 collection. He said then that "being romantic is a way of living life," thus establishing "the freedom of being, subverting clichés". We're on board.