The spring bags you'll hold on to for life

The spring bags you'll hold on to for life

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Text: Jolene Khor

In the age of more-is-more, Mansur Gavriel reminds us that minimalism is here to stay with its spring 2017 collection

Chances are, you're familiar with the perennial favourite from Mansur Gavriel's still short but boisterously successful storytelling in the bag world — the unostentatiously named Bucket Bag.

(You'll see it below, newly available in wine.)

It burst into the fashion scene in 2012 and headed straight into the arms of fashion editors and streetstyle stars alike. Owing its success partly to its ultra minimal, no frills, timeless to a T silhouette, and partly to the boom of Instagram which changed its status from invisible to 'It' seemingly overnight, the longevity of the brand remained in question then. No longer.

For spring 2017, designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel isn't colouring outside the lines. Rarely do we mean that as a compliment, but we do here. Notice the Mini Mini Sun Bag, the Metropolitan Bag and the Posternak Bag. Their shapes are undoubtedly inspired by the yesteryear (the '50s, mostly), and their aesthetic decidedly ladylike and understated, but Mansur Gavriel's restrained modernism makes the familiar details — particularly the soft angles and strong monochrome — fresh again.

We predict the heavy use and persistent shelf life of the following:

The Mansur Gavriel spring bags are available at LaPrendo Dempsey and