Decode the game of love with Swarovski and Karlie Kloss this Valentine’s Day

Kode with Klossy

Decode the game of love with Swarovski and Karlie Kloss this Valentine’s Day
What’s your dating symbol? Take Karlie’s V-Day quiz to find out your dating symbol and spirit jewellery from Swarovski’s Crystal Wishes collection

They say the path of true love never did run smooth... until Karlie Kloss straightened it out a tad with a dating quiz that answers your burning relationship queries. Coded by the supermodel extraordinaire herself as part of her Kode with Klossy initiative to empower women through computer science, Kloss has paired up with Swarovski for a Valentine's Day special with a questionnaire inspired by the Crystal Wishes collection — and branded with her unique sense of quirk.

And on the topic of having to kiss several frogs before finding your prince, Kloss elaborates the reasoning that spurred her to launch her dating quiz:  "I built this Valentine's Day quiz in one of my computer science classes with my teacher Avi, as a fun way to play around and be creative. When I sat down to code, I thought about all the funny dating stories we've all been through and translated them in code. Take the quiz to reminisce on Valentine's Day's past and find this year's match!" 

Swarovski Valentine's Day Crystal Wishes collection

Between discovering what restaurant leftovers have to do with dating to how your favourite emoji exerts an influence on your love life, this fun quiz takes the digital route on sussing out modern romance and pairs you with your perfect dating symbol. Curious to find out which token of bling is your match made in heaven — Kloss' inner dating symbol is the Star, if you must know — and the meaning behind your personal motif? Take a gander below at the collection to make a pre-quiz educated guess, and then unlock the mystery of your symbol with the test to get that lucky ace in time for V-Day. Now this is how you crack the code behind the game of love.

The Crystal Wishes collection is available at all Swarovski boutiques. Take the Kode with Klossy Valentine's Day dating quiz here.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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