Superga releases a new white sneaker with tennis great Ivan Lendl

Superga releases a new white sneaker with tennis great Ivan Lendl

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Text: Andrea Sim

The '80s Grand Slam and ITF World Champion's tennis sneaker makes a comeback

Superga's history with some of the 20th century's exceptional sportsmen is probably lesser known to recent fans of the storied Italian company, compared to their multi-coloured hit, the 2750s. Shodding the feet of tennis players who dominated the world circuits back in the '70s and '80s, the recently re-launched Superga Sport line first tapped prolific champion Adriano Panatta — bringing back their sporting shoe's iconic swallow tail detailing mid last year. 

This time, it's Ivan Lendl — he, who dominated the Grand Slam and ITF World Championships back in the '80s with his Superga Sport kicks, ranked as the top world player for 270 weeks — the brand roped in. Monikered the Superga Sport Lendl, today's iteration brings back the sneaker's orignal elements; featuring an eco leather upper, rubber sole, and of course, the swallow tail. Tweaked to include Lendl's signature on rear of the shoe, these new all-whites boast three variations with red, blue and white heel tab options.  

Available in Superga stores from 29 June 2017 and online at

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