What are you wearing? Inside the wardrobe of Jaime Lee

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Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

Watch the interactive video to see Norman Tan style Jaime Lee for two different occasions — chic weekday and glamorous evening — with pieces from Swarovski's fall 2016 collection

What's the best way to get to know somebody quickly? Raid their wardrobe. From embarrassing high school purchases (remember baggy hammer pants? Thanks Vanilla Ice) to their latest luxurious splurge, there's something very telling about what someone decides to buy and wear — it's an inside look into their hopes, aspirations, and self-perception. 

For Jaime Lee, founder of local stationery company The Paper Bunny, rifling through her closet confirmed what we had already suspected: A carefree spirit (worn-in and ripped jeans) with an elegant feminine side (flowing maxi dresses), who isn't afraid to make a style statement (jumpsuits FTW).

"At the moment, Victoria Beckham and Nicole Warne are my style icons," shares Jaime. "Victoria's style is very classic meets feminine, elegant meets edgy, simple yet very stylish. Her pieces are well-tailored and is a great example of how classic pieces can be extremely eye-catching. Nicole's style is very feminine and fun, casual and flirty, yet stylish and chic — both their styles are very different, but are exactly what I love about fashion and dressing up."

But what about those embarassing pieces? "I have some dresses from my youth that are so short and tiny, bright and floral," she confesses. "They used to be so on trend, and now I feel like such an old lady turning my nose up at them! I still love form fitting dresses, but in longer and more elegant lengths."

Norman Tan and Jaime Lee of the Paper Bunny

With several events and functions around the corner, Jaime needed some advice on how to elevate two key pieces in her wardrobe: A structural navy evening dress for a date with her husband Justin, and a bell sleeve top for brunch with girlfriends. Enter: Norman Tan, editor-in-chief of Buro 24/7 Singapore to the rescue.

Watch the interactive video above to see how Norman styled Jaime for two different occasions — chic weekday and glamorous evening — with some gorgeous pieces from Swarovski's FW2016 collection. Interactive, you say? Yes, by clicking on the outfits in the video when prompted, you can choose to watch either the chic or glamorous outfit. What are you waiting for? Click away.

To make a bold statement, try mismatching your earrings — or experiment with the asymmetric look by just wearing one drop earring — for a casual but fashion-forward embellishment to your outfit. Feeling less adventurous, but still after a trendy way to express your personality? Play around with multiple rings to stack in style. 

"I am usually more attracted to white gold, although I wear yellow gold too if it's the right shade," says Jaime. "I really liked the three-in-one Swarovski ring that Norman showed me. I loved how you can stack them to customise your look. It adds character to your outfit."

For other accessories to complement Jaime's white bell sleeve top and ripped jeans look, Norman recommends the following pieces:

"In the day, I like simpler, but fun and flirty pieces. For night and more formal events, I like more fancy and chunky pieces," shared Jaime. And with that, Norman opted for more structural earrings with Swarovski crystals to finish Jaime's evening look. Because of the dress's asymmetric neckline, Norman decided to stay away from necklaces; instead, choosing to draw to the ears and fingers with tasteful accessories.

For fall 2016, Swarovski has a boon of stunning pieces inspired by the stars (Crystal Galaxy collection) as well as innovative and modern shapes (by way of the Jean Paul Gaultier for Atelier Swarovski collection), that are perfect for making a radiant entrance. 

For more elegant (yet undeniably striking) evening pieces, Norman recommends the following for Jaime:

"Norman is so much fun to have around!" said Jaime after our visit. "We had a great time chatting about, and playing around with, classic and statement accessories. I enjoyed experimenting with unconventional ways of wearing jewellery pieces — like mismatching earrings and wearing one set of rings three ways — it just goes to show that style is limitless and people can express themselves in different ways with the same pieces." Hmmm... suspicious. Sounds like Norman passed her a twenty for such a glowing review.

For more information on Swarovski, click here. 

Directed by: Vanessa Caitlin & Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha
Production by: MLC Productions

Director of Photography: Alvin Choon

Production Coordinator: Marianne Koh 
Makeup and hair: Ira Tedja