Streetwear special: The Unknownmaker is your finger's new cool companion

Streetwear special: The Unknownmaker is your finger's new cool companion

Punk's A-Z

Text: Bianca Husodo

Getting decked in street-ready attire wouldn't be proper without stacking on some of these alphabetical accolades

Wearing subversive, statement jewellery requires mental and will power. They dare you — which brings us to The Unknownmaker's punk comeback in the form of their badass silver signets. Although still in its salad days, the Thai jewellery label's accolade has graced the knuckles of its country's young and famous — namely little-known-here, hugely-known-there stars like actress Gypso and DJ Nott.

Founders Jack and and Tarn have been brewing up the label since 2012. Ditching their day jobs, they decided to pursue their passion in silver jewellery and learn the craft. Silver smiths in their own rights, the pair launched The Unknownmaker just a few months back with its debut collection, Unknown You.

Featuring rings handmade from 92.5% silver, the vintage-instilled jewellery is brimmed with the subversive rumblings of streetwear that have been coursing through fashion lately. Sure, the macabre curlicue A-Z alphabets aren't new per se, but it's definitely right now — what with Kanye's Pablo or 032c's gothic typeface selling like hotcakes and breaking the tills. And here's the best part: These stackable rings are made for daily wear. Just as your favourite lived-in denim gets better with time, so do these rings age with glory. That's the joy of precious metals, friends, they last. So do away with clunky chains and charms for a while and slide into The Unknownmaker's new sense of ease. You'll wonder how you lived without them.

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The Unknownmaker, drop an email to [email protected] The Unknownmaker is in Singapore at Pasar @ SCAPE from 2-4 September, 11am-9pm.