Stella McCartney's recycled plastic backpack will help save marine life

Ocean Legend

Text: Andrea Sim

The eco-friendly designer teams up with Parley for the Ocean to raise awareness about marine life conservation

'All is love', reads the Stella McCartney Falabella backpack fashioned out of upcycled plastic retrieved from the ocean. It's a memo from the designer who has long concerned herself with animal rights and sustainibility in fashion, urging us to think twice before we consume. Known for her cruelty-free products, McCartney's latest endeavour seeks to raise awareness about marine life killings, as well as the plastic pollution of our oceans.

In collaboration with Parley for the Ocean (a platform for marine activists to band together for the cause), the upcycled Stella McCartney for Sea Shepherd backpack — the first of the brand's Ocean Legend range — is an ode to the conservation of marine life and the frontliner behind the effort. Paul Watson is the co-founder of Greenpeace and founder of Sea Sheperd Conservation Society, an organisation focused on protecting the oceans.

Food for thought: Should we humans really consider our species as a cut above the rest? 'All is love', because animals too, have feelings. Above, watch as McCartney and Watson delve into the controversial topic. Below, see the backpack dedicated to honouring and supporting the one of the most committed activists of our time. 

Stella McCartney Ocean Legend Sea Shepherd Falabella backpack

Available at Stella McCartney boutiques.