The 4 ways Céline's Madame ankle boots elongate your legs for days

The 4 ways Céline's Madame ankle boots elongate your legs for days

A good slip up

Text: Jolene Khor

Unlike other parts of your body, you can't actually whip your feet into shape. Here, four ways to cheat nature into complying with your trotter wishes

Hard as we work, not all our bodily insecurities melt away at the gym. Yes, the footwork drills at the bext boxing studios in Singapore shred in inches; for sure, you'll check off rockstar triceps from your fitness to-do if you're religious with the right regimen. Heck, an intensive class these days can help you burn something like 1000 calories, its effects certain to be apparent on the weighing scale should patience and discipline be two of your best qualities. Put your back into it and your slimming down is a matter of eventuality. This is true to almost every part of your figure — except your feet.

The world's obsession with skinny feet is centuries old. To offer a glimpse of how far back we're talking about, we had to Google "when was the Song dynasty?" when we realised that's when the cruel foot binding tradition in China began. Short answer: it was so long ago, the year only had three digits.

A tiny 20th century foot-binding shoe in comparison to a shoe of regular size.

Lest we're accused of condoning foot fetish, body dysmorphia or worse mutilation, let us be clear that beauty never has to crippling, and no woman (or man) should ever be made to feel that they need to mould their bodies to fit societal standards. The perfect embodiment of this sentiment is the sock boot; a trend currently enjoying a brand of longevity so potent, even its archnemesis, the ugly sneaker, popular as it is with the fashion's It-crowd, hasn't so much as tilted its throne in the mass market. And we suspect its persistent popularity is partly attributed to its cushiony (read: body positive) feet-slenderizing properties.

Celine's Madame ankle boot is an example as prime as they come. Inspired by '80s bourgeois footwear, Madame is graphic — crafted with a bi-coloured upper, sculptured with angular-edged heels, its second-skin grosgrain effect lending that trim look to the feet. But hey, just because its done its part doesn't mean we don't have to lift a finger, just as good genes don't guarantee us Gal Gadot's body. Knowing how to style the sock boot to our advantage furthers its slimming agenda. 

Below, tips on how to wear the sock boot to your advantage.

The 4 ways Céline's Madame ankle boots elongate your legs for days (фото 1)

1. Pick clothes with voluminous patterns and silhouettes
Because in contrast, your feet — whatever shoe size you may be — will always look small. Bonus points if your hems are high, elongating your legs; any excuse to pop out that miniskirt!

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2. Your denim should be cropped above (not below) your ankles
What do your rib areas and ankles have in common? They aren't in the habit of storing fat, so give them the spotlight. Strategic cut-outs to highlight the ribs, cropped denim to reveal the ankles. This is especially effective if your sock boots are of a dark hue.

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3. Accentuate the Madame's pointed toe cap by colour-coordinating your outfit
It should be no secret by now that sharp toe caps lengthen the legs. If it was, well, surprise! Here's another tip: matching its colour-block plays up the design superiority and keeps to the illusion of narrow feet, especially when its widest part is wrapped in black.

The 4 ways Céline's Madame ankle boots elongate your legs for days (фото 4)

4. Conceal the feet, revealing only the toe cap and the heel 
It's the oldest trick in the book, hiding to conceal "flaws". Here, we recommend hiding, again, the widest part of the feet, only this time under flared trousers so only the narrowest part of the Madame boot peeks out, suggesting (you guessed it) narrow feet. Now off you go.

Céline's Madame ankle boots are available at the Céline boutique at #B1-130, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.