Guess how many hours go into the making of a single Dior Book Tote bag?

A numbers game

Text: Jolene Khor

Even if you never stopped and never slept, you wouldn't be able to complete constructing one per day

It is estimated that it takes 22,700 bees flying to 225,000 flowers per day over several weeks in order for them fill a single jar of honey. Not that it's a fair comparison, but just as impressively, it would take a professional Dior artisan over 32 hours to complete the one million two hundred thousand stitches required by the fully-embroidered Dior Book Tote bag. That is, if said artisan didn't take bathroom breaks, didn't pause for naps, didn't do, think or feel anything but the Book Tote for a day and a half.

Clashing and complementing in unison are the 15 kaleidoscopic shades of green, orange, red, fuchsia, violet and blue, sewn in three different techniques for an effect echoing those of traditional Mexican crafts. Though designed in Dior's studio in Paris for the spring/summer 2018 season, the Book Tote is assembled by a family-run atelier located in Umbria, a region five hours south of Milan also known as "Italy's green heart".

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