Not an outdoors person? These Celiné sunglasses will change your mind

Not an outdoors person? These Celiné sunglasses will change your mind

Sunny side up

Text: Jolene Khor

When the week's robbed you of your sass, Celiné returns it in spades — and shades

"Sun's out, guns out" is the official saying. Not at the Buro house, thank you very much. The moment the star climbs to its peak, transforming the island into a metropolitan oven, it's sunglasses the style pack wield as weapons. Options exist in abundance, thus very few make it into their arsenal and only a fraction of those are rotated into regulars.

After intense study (and by that we mean through the powers of observation and fervent gossip) a few criterion emerge to form a common thread among the It. One: black takes a backseat — frames and lenses are to be coloured this spring/summer season. Two: proportions exist in extremes. If it's almost too big or almost too small, that's the right size for your face shape, whatever it may be. Three: dress in decades. Make use of this rare time in fashion, where every period in time is experiencing a resurgence collectively. Those who whistle Merry Melodies tunes, parties like it's the Woodstock, worship Wham!, channel Cher Horowitz, or claim to see the future, your time is now.

Celiné's covering all grounds:

Celiné spring/summer 2018 sunglasses are in stores now.

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