Serving face with the new Fendi sunglasses, including one inspired by the late great Karl Lagerfeld

Serving face with the new Fendi sunglasses, including one inspired by the late great Karl Lagerfeld

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Text: Jolene Khor Ho Guo Xiong

Image: Instagram | @fendi

Ranging from classic aviators to don’t-talk-to-me, wrap-around face armours, Fendi’s latest drop of sunglasses are redefining what it means to be over the top, especially the homage to Karl Lagerfeld, poetically shaped like a butterfly. For those who need a little reminder, the former chief designer was responsible for the now iconic FF logo, which served as the inspiration for the new Karligraphy sun shields — see above. They're oversized and rimless butterfly-shaped sunglasses (pictured above).

But hey, these babies are just white elephants if you don’t take them out with you. We’ve come up with five moments you never thought you needed sunglasses, but do, applicable even on nights and rainy days. No need to thank us.

1. When you see your ex on the street

You’re exercising your credit card along Orchard Road when you spot your ex coming your way. With this bejewelled face warrior on, you’ll show him how well you’ve been thriving since they’ve been gone. Now this, they can't 'unfollow' like they did on Instagram.

Fendi FFreedom


2. When your boss needs you to work on weekends

...for the 5th week in a row. It's finally Friday again and you’re ready to clock out and enjoy your much-anticipated weekend plans, undisturbed. Your boss has other plans for you, however. Put on these two-toned sunglasses on to hint at your beach plans that can’t be moved yet again. It's not the most subtle hint and it may backfire, but if you want a career as colourful as these shades, carry on.

Fendi Karligraphy


3. When you’re blackmailed to go to the club

You’ve been dragged out of your solo Netflix and chill to a night out in town by your girlfriends after a long week at work – albeit reluctantly – but you are no spoilsport. Prepare yourself by sliding on a pair of these neon cat-eyes after you perfect your pursed pout. After all, looking the part is half the battle won.

Fendi Headband

4. When you’re at an art exhibition

So you’re clueless about art. Most people are. Yet, you couldn’t say no to your curator pal who just opened a show, and now you find yourself staring at a Jackson Pollock meets Picasso situation, absolutely gobsmacked. These quirky pine green sunglasses proof that you belong – with your unique style – as you nod politely along to discussions you know nothing about. Silence is golden, and your Get Out of Embarassment free card.

Fendi Roma Amor

5. When you’re pressed for time

You’re 40 minutes late to your waxing appointment. Though you ran your way up the escalators, you can't afford to look rushed and bothered, because you're clearly somebody whose slot should never be released to the impatient lady meant to go after you, who is now shooting you daggers with her eyes. These aubergine aviators create a mask of calm coolness as you stabilise your labored breathing.

Fendi Roma Amor

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