The YSL is back: Presenting Saint Laurent's bold new heel

The YSL is back: Presenting Saint Laurent's bold new heel

They're calling it Opyum

Text: Andrea Sim

And that's how you give the classic a twist

Cheeky was never an adjective we thought we'd ever associate with Saint Laurent. And while high-octane sensuality is still key to Anthony Vaccarello's visual lexicon, his update on the classic Opyum heel is by our books, a glimpse into his sense of humour.  

A house contemporarily known for its collectors' heels (the Tribute and Tribtoo to name a few), the original cap-toe Opyums were the quintessential pumps for ladies who prized a sleek, classic boost to their corporate suits. It was a simple yet powerful shoe that could give any nine-to-five ensemble the oomph it needs. But with Hedi Slimane's tenure came the displacement of 'Yves', birthing Saint Laurent Paris. Now, given that it's Vaccarello's time to shine, nothing proves to be off boundaries — including, shining the spotlight on the Cassandre logo and by association, YvesThe YSL is back: Presenting Saint Laurent's bold new heel (фото 1)

In this instance, the heel is given new life with the initials YSL in place of a traditional heel. It's another twist on logomania, but more than anything else, placing the brand's original collector's item — one considered a revered reference to its founder no less — back on a pedestal, is in the eyes of the modern style fanatic, points to an idiosyncratic must-have for any shoe collection to be complete. Opyums indeed.

Opyum heel in patent leather with 4.3 inch heel

The new Opyum heel is available at Saint Laurent boutiques.