Puma steps up its form and function with the help of pro ballet dancers

Puma steps up its form and function with the help of pro ballet dancers

En Pointe

Text: Andrea Sim

The ultimate lifestyle sneaker in collaboration with masters of movement

Say an average day sees you shuttling between appointments, back-to-back meetings. You dash for the moving train to keep to your schedule. Come lunchtime, you resist the convenience of Uber Eats and brave the heat for a short walk to dine out. Sounds doable? Now, imagine being on your feet for ten hours on end, moving from street to street, vehicle to vehicle, with precision. On point so to speak. 

Springboarding off this premise, Puma's quest for functionality has led them straight to the horse's mouth — the New York City Ballet (NYCB). What would professional ballet dancers want in a sneaker? Should it be good enough for them, it certainly would be equipped for an average commuter's day and beyond too.

Taking the NYCB's input into consideration, Puma's En Pointe collection was developed to withstand heavy movement despite boasting flexibile and lightweight qualities. Mesh inserts and sock uppers function not just as detailing, they allow for breathability and ease of motion. As a nod to its inspiration — the art of ballet — satin envelops all three styles in black and blush tones.

Below, see Puma's En Point campaign featuring Selena Gomez:

Available at Puma stores, and also at AW Lab, Robinsons and Miss Fit.