Meet Prada's Nylon Vela range, reinvented

Meet Prada's Nylon Vela range, reinvented

Version 2.0

Text: Andrea Sim

Modern shapes, hues and prints join the brand's league of icons

Prada's Nylon Vela bags have been known to plant seeds of scepticism in those who missed its birth in the 1980s. What exactly is the fuss over a black waterproof bag? To comprehend its significance — and by virtue, appeal — is to know its provenance. Conceived in a time where glamour and frills were the epitome of luxury, a storied house of Prada's stature turning out accessories fashioned from a fabric as quotidian as the waterproof nylon was unheard of. It was daring. Subversive. And above all, fearlessly functional. 

Celebrating its most iconic forms — that is the backpack and bumbag — and their relevance in the 21st century, Prada updates the range to welcome new colours and design iterations. Pine and oxblood hues join its mainstays of black and navy, while the backpack evolves into a crossbody hybrid by way of a diagonal strap intended for the accessory to be slung across the body. 

In occassion of the launch, Ion Orchard is host to a temporary Prada Nylon Vela retail space offering the range below, and limited edition printed versions available only at the pop-up. SS18's studded nylon designs are also up for purchase ahead of time. Miss it, and forever hold your peace. Or, at least till the latter make their way into boutiques come March 2018 — forever from now in the fashion timeline. 

The Prada Nylon Vela pop-up is located at L1 Atrium, Ion Orchard. Now till 30 November.