The season's 'It' sunglasses will make you hungry for candy

The season's 'It' sunglasses will make you hungry for candy

Pink positive

Text: Andrea Sim

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. On Thursdays too. And Mondays and Tuesdays and...

If there ever was a time to defy cinema's most infamous queen b*tch Regina George on her sartorial decree, it's spring/summer 2017.

Reigning supreme in the season's eyewear edit, the happy hue is back in a big way. Go forth and conquer with acid tones, ombré lenses and enough glitter to make your 4-year-old niece jealous. But before you ladies who are anti-pink (yes, we know a couple of you who wouldn't touch a blush sweater with a ten foot pole) decide to sit this one out, accessories — and in this case, sunglasses — are perhaps the least daunting way to give the shade the second chance it deserves. 

Ease yourself in with a range proffering instant street cred by way of rock 'n' roll glitter à la Saint Laurent, an on-the-pulse nod to fashion's retro revival with Miu Miu, or for the daredevil, an orgasmic, embellished statement piece from the maximalist that is Gucci. Warning: Expect the young 'uns to bug you for a pair too.