7 slip-ons to slay the trend

7 slip-ons to slay the trend

The game's afoot

Text: Andrea Sim

Slide, not swipe

2017 is without a doubt the year of the mule. No, it's not an uninformed reference towards the yearly Chinese Zodiac (of which the donkey-horse hybrid is not included), but the shoe. Spawning from Gucci's backless loafer, we've seen the accessories on our feet take a sharp turn for the casual; in came Miu Miu's irreverent pool slides, and then Fenty x Puma's louche lounge slippers. Now, anything beyond a well-cushioned trainer or functional slip-on — both mule and slide — is a hard pill to swallow. 

Made for warm summer days and cool fall evenings (pair them with socks à la this style guide), Pedder Red's fall 2017 range serves up the It-shoe for every occasion and style personality. Impartial to a manic pixie girl heeled mule? Do Zooey proud in these lush, suede babies. Or if you're headed to a garden wedding, consider the bejewelled slides RSVP-ready. Below, the seven slip-ons to own the season in.

Available online and at Pedder Red stores

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