A guide to professing your love with PANDORA jewellery

A guide to professing your love with PANDORA jewellery

Struck by Cupid

Text: Andrea Sim

Because saying it with just words doesn't always cut it

How did you fare in love in 2016? If swiping on Tinder and beers with the bros are what Friday nights were made of, then you're probably single and ready to mingle. But if they were spent flicking through incoming Whatsapp messages hoping for that one name to pop up, then you've probably been bitten by the love bug. Bad.

Yes, you've taken the initiative ("Have you watched La La Land yet?") and dropped hints (*heart eyes emoji*), but when the hashtag of the textlationship still reads #FriendZoned in 2017, then it's high time you send in the calvary and converse in the one language all girls speak: Jewellery. Honeyed with affections and tinged in a blushing shade of pink, PANDORA's Valentine's Day Collection 2017 will send the message those cryptic Whatsapps failed to deliver — 'I like you. Let's get together already'.

Here's a list of jewellery to profess your feelings:

The current situation: It's only been three weeks since you've met her but she's already on your list of call 'Favourites'. Hey, we get it: Love doesn't always have to follow a timeline.
Say it with: The Cerise Heart Glass or Cerise Encased in Love charms. Shaded in pink to mirror your affections but not an overwhelming choice that'll scare her off. The crux of it: A not-so-subtle-hint and a thoughtful gift that ranks above that of a friendly gesture.

The current situation: Four months in and you've yet to figure out where you stand. She's keen to meet you whenever you request but never takes the initiative. Why are girls so hard to read?
Say it with: The Floating Locket with Love Feelings petite charms or Ribbons of Love gift set. You're splashing out here and really making it explicit, but reason being she's probably that into you and waiting for the big move (cue above).

The current situation: Eight months of back and forth and you've come up with a handful of dates and one weekend brunch — only because you asked to see her dog and recommended a pet-friendly cafe.
Say it with: The Struck By Love or Love You Forever charms, or the Latin Love Heart gift set. Each heart-shaped charm is a classic declaration of affection that's as crystal clear as it is potent. If the recipient accepts the token but still ignores the situation at hand, then let us break it to you: That's shady, it's time to get out of there.