Pandora takes you on a trip to the frozen kingdom

Pandora takes you on a trip to the frozen kingdom

Snow queen

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Not jetting off to escape our endless summer at the end of the year? Experience a resplendent arctic paradise

Immerse yourself in cool, crisp weather come year-end with Pandora. Their latest collection embodies the spirit of a winter wonderland. Capturing an otherworldly essence of a far-flung kingdom enveloped in beautiful and breathtaking snow, the collection is essentially crystallised frost brought to life, graced with sparkling stones and precious pearls.

Standing out amongst the expansive collection is the Crystallised Snowflake series — as the name suggests, it is all that glitters and more. Accented with embellishments, the snowflake motifs are of hand-finished sterling silver and lined with radiant pear-cut stones. The exquisite snowflake pattern is fashioned into rings, necklace pendants, earrings and charms.

pandora frozen crystallised snowflake


The brand also brings you polished elegance with their newest button-shaped charm. Fusing feminine elements with couture craftsmanship, they were made for the festive season with intricate details and delicate stones that sit around a rose-cut centre crystal. On top of that, it's circled by cut-out heart motifs along the side, rounding off a finely spun winter fairytale collection.

The Pandora Frozen Kingdom winter collection will be available from 29 October.