Open up Pandora’s box to an array of sartorial rings

Open up Pandora’s box to an array of sartorial rings

Stack them on

Text: Priscilla Tan

Express yourself with the dazzling stackables from Pandora

Today when you open Pandora's box, gone are the worries of pandemonium unleashing upon the world. Instead, open up to a world of wonder with Pandora's sterling silver and 14 carat gold repertoire. With enduring bestsellers, classics imbued with new life and freshly fashioned pieces, be spoilt for choice as you showcase your personality with the hand-finished rings.  

Here are the newest additions to Pandora's ring selection, versatile enough to be standalones or stacked:

Flower Fairies
What better way to celebrate summer than with flowers? Presenting to you a bouquet in the form of a ring, vintage inspiration and botanical complements will have you completely enamoured.

Butterfly Rings
In a field full of flowers, be prepared for the gentle onslaught of butterflies. In an exclusive launch for Asia, Pandora has released the Butterfly Rings, pieces brimming with understated elegance.

Sophisticated Statements
Inspired by the centre of flowers, the newest additions to the range — the Radiant Elegance rings — stand out among pairings just as fresh blooms do. Outlined with clear cubic zirconia stones, the rings maintain a fun and striking edge in its delicacy. 

The Summer collection is available at Pandora boutiques. Prices start from $69.