New in: Pandora’s pre-autumn 2015 collection

New in: Pandora’s pre-autumn 2015 collection

Precious mementos

Text: Khairunnisa Fazlur Rahman

The latest collection from Pandora promises to instill a sense of nostalgia in all charm-lovers

The brand Pandora has a certain hold over us women. Their releases tend to make the ladies stop, drop and shop — be it their floral charms for Spring, or otherwise. This time, just going by the names of their new releases — Cute Companions and Travel Keepsakes — Pandora's incoming collection promises to galvanise a fine frenzy amongst the charm-loving ladies. 

But realistically speaking, it might not be possible to resist a delightful kitten or a playful puppy charm even for those with extensive will power. These charm companions are a foreseeable hit with all animal lovers. 

For those who love to wear their wanderlust and fond memories on the wrist — the Travel Keepsakes collection offers a range of globe, camera, flag and postcard charms — each serving to ignite the storyteller in us all. 

These sterling silver hand-finished charms will be available in Pandora boutiques from 30 July.