Moschino's latest eyewear is serving up the attitude in spades, spikes and studs

Moschino's latest eyewear is serving up the attitude in spades, spikes and studs

I spy

Text: Jolene Khor

Keep your eyes peeled for Moschino's It-shades of summer, and what designer Jeremy Scott has to say about them

Sunglasses are a peculiar accessory; their various functions, often coexisting, though seemingly at odds with one another. Aside from sun-protection (for this argument we will negate the posers who don them at dusk) the public mostly wear them for one of the following two reasons:

  1. For fashion
  2. To go incognito

While fashion draws the eye, being covert is to eschew attention. Yet, they find commonality in the eyewear. For instance, an unassuming black pair has the ability to blend you in with the crowd, but all it takes it a logo, or an insignia such as a gold bear, to attract audience. Turn the other cheek, and red cat-eyes risk missing your attention if their immediate radius is also, well, in the same shade. Or wearing pieces in similar silhouettes. Or are in louder, jaw-dropping trends.

It is this catch-22 that Moschino designer, Jeremy Scott, credits as the raison d'être of the spring/summer 2018 season. Pedestrian ski glasses are evolved for streetwear by way of shrunken reflective lenses and punk studs; tortoise shells are made over with a decorative diagonal gold top bar and unmistakable Italian branding; the statement aviator quiets down in matte, its studs merely for texture.

Read on to find out Scott's mood swings that steer his latest output and name your favourites after the jump.

Jeremy Scott wearing one of his spring/summer 2018 eyewear for Moschino.

The inspiration behind the collection is...
There are many inspirations, ranging from 1950s starlets to punk ballerinas with spikey studs.

What do you search for in a pair of sunglasses?
I feel like you can really enhance your mood by the sunglasses you choose to wear — it's like being a role in a film. I sometimes want to have something very classic retro with a twist that feels carefree and fun; other times I want something that is tough and makes me feel strong, like a bad ass; sometimes I want something that will make me feel hidden in plain sight! And then sometimes I want to wear something that says, "Look at me!" It all really depends on my mood. That's why I want to create shades that can enhance all those different feelings and moments in one's life.

Who would you like to have wearing Moschino sunglasses?
I'm very democratic. If someone loves what I do, I'm happy for them to wear it! I would like to see my shades on pop stars and stay-at-home mums, Wall Street bankers and rappers from the Bronx, starlets poolside in Hollywood and grunge punks on Melrose. I want to see them on everybody! All cool kids around the world!

Moschino spring/summer 2018 eyewear is available in Moschino boutiques at Paragon, Takashimaya and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.