If these Miu Miu sunglasses don't inspire your next vacation, nothing will

On break, back never

Text: Jolene Khor

The Miu Miu Scenique collection reminisce a simpler time through deliberate design restraints

If Miuccia Prada grew in a garden, she wouldn't be an ordinary daisy. No, siree. She's unlikely to be the bougainvilleas, sunflowers or the roses of the floral family either — far too pedestrian. More likely a cherry blossom, its ethereal bloom recalling the designer's applique-heavy creations. A bird-of-paradise perhaps, for its exoticism; her palatial symphony of colours a uniform of her fashion houses. 

Miuccia Prada is no wallflower, often favouring fantasy over function, going for brave, instead of relying on the basics. So her fall/winter range of sunglasses came as a surprise.

A good surprise. Especially for those of us lusting for a break from all the embellished noise of summer, and for the rest in stylish hibernation before the festive elaboration invades the later part of the year.

Slim temples, sinuous double bridges, soft mirrored finishes, all marked departures from past seasons' jewelled cat-eyes, layered heart cut-out polycarbonate, and laboratory shapes in sweet sorbets. Returning to the tried, tested and true formula of less is more, the elaboration in Miu Miu's fall/winter sunglasses range begins and ends with the frameless lenses shaped like butterflies, held together in pale gold, rendered oversize. 

Pick from Black Cherry, Coal, and mirrored shades of Sky and Peach to paint the horizon.


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