MCM's fall/winter 2015 collection is the stuff of childhood dreams

MCM's fall/winter 2015 collection is the stuff of childhood dreams

Space odyssey

Text: Pakkee Tan

With its fall/winter 2015 collection, German luxury brand MCM takes on the final frontier — deep space. We highlight the three stars of their latest line

Space has always held mankind in rapture — think about the Space Race of the '50s and the futuristic dressing of the '60s (a lá Courrèges) and you will see its influence on everything from fashion to fiction through the years. Luxury brand MCM holds a deep fascination with the idea of space travel, and it has used that as the core theme of its fall/winter 2015 collection. With names such as Milla, Bionic and Roboter, the space-themed collection is equal parts quirky and covetable.

Top on our list is the series of Roboter clutches — fans of MCM will recognise this as a reworking of the iconic teddy bear that the brand is well-known for. This season's iteration takes the form of a boxy robot (as its name suggests) that infuses contemporary chic with retro playfulness.

Building on the popularity of tiny bags, the brand's classic Milla bag gets an update in a mini version that can only be described as adorable. The bag comes in a psychedelic space print, futuristically embellished with MCM's signature beveled studs or a furry shearling coat that begs to be played with. No guesses on which version is our favourite (hint: it's the furry one).

One other standout series within the collection is the Bionic line, which features a tote bag, backpack and clutch. They all rank high on the functionality score, but it's really the design of the bags that makes them winners. Inspired by the interior light paneling on spaceships, the futuristic line drawings were printed onto a lightweight three-dimensional Geonic surface-design material, turning the cool factor way up.