A sneak peek at MCM's limited edition collection with Berlin's artsy König Souvenir

A sneak peek at MCM's limited edition collection with Berlin's artsy König Souvenir

Baggage drop

Text: Jolene Khor

The six König Souvenir x MCM Travel Collection items fuse traditional MCM design with kitschy jet-setting motifs

Let's get one thing out of the way: MCM — short for Modern Creation München — does not hail from Asia. MCM was founded in Munich in 1976, quickly positioning itself as the luxury travel trunk-maker of Germany (see vintage ad above). However, it has since been operated by a Korean company, and its bags, most iconic of all the monogrammed leather backpacks, are crafted in Germany, Italy and South Korea. 

Just like its ateliers, MCM's audience is global; the modern nomad if you will, many of whom will delight in the label's soon-to-be-released collaboration with Berlin's König Souvenir. The retail arm of the contemporary art house, König Galerie (responsible for boosting much of the city's young emerging artists) will issue as a limited art edition, six travel bags to stir the wanderlust in everyone.

"We were inspired by the airport as a place of transition — not only for people, but also for art works traveling around the globe. We wanted a collection that recalls this modern way of travel and shipping, but also connects with art in its production process," said founder of König Souvenir, David Mallon on the König Souvenir x MCM Travel Collection.

The pieces (a duffel bag, circle bag and camera bag, among others) dress the brand's signature branding with barcoded airport baggage tags; favour a swap of leather straps with vibrant nylon and rope; and feature chalk-like doodling commemorating the partnership. They embody the spirit of König and MCM by facilitating the meeting of the former's art and the latter's fashion worlds.

Mallon explained, "We want to create 'opinion wear' — accessories, clothing and other daily objects that make a statement, that express views of the world as bold and cutting-edge as great works of art do." 

A first look here, with the full lineup to be revealed at Art Basel Miami Beach in December:

The König Souvenir x MCM Travel Collection limited art collection will be available in December.