Luxury face masks to look chic: Burberry, Off-White, Palm Angels and more

Luxury face masks to look chic: Burberry, Off-White, Palm Angels and more

Take cover

Text: Joan Kong

Now that face masks have become an essential for the foreseeable future, we're seeing more and more brands hopping on the trend wagon and selling face coverings, including luxury fashion houses.

While it's important to note that cloth masks are not a replacement for medical-grade ones, with social distancing measures in place, they are still a great alternative especially if you take the environmental impact of single-use masks into consideration. According to an analysis by UCL scientists, disposable masks will contribute to an extra 66,000 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste annually. So leave the surgical masks to the healthcare frontliners the reusable version is the way to go.

If you're looking for options from international brands, there are also an array of designs to shop from. Off-White was one of the first that launched face masks, though the USD$105 price tag definitely raised a few eyebrows. Aside from that, Burberry has also recently announced the release of cotton face masks that come in its iconic vintage check, and 20 percent from each sale will be donated to the Burberry Foundation COVID-19 Community Fund to support communities who are impacted by the pandemic globally.

Regardless of how you feel about these designer offerings, logomania fans can revel in the fact that they now have a mask they can flaunt in. If you're already wearing a mask, why not wear one from your favourite designer label, right?

Shop from these 13 luxury brands, below.

This story was first published on Buro. Malaysia.