Louis Vuitton's other sneaker, the V.N.R receives subtle tweaks in new colourways

New season polish

Text: Andrea Sim

The Vuitton New Runner takes on a more conspicuous logo and pumped up metallic finishing

The Archlight — released to much fanfare this season — has probably shrouded Louis Vuitton's other sneaker. The Vuitton New Runner (V.N.R) emerged in fall/winter 2017 late last year as the house's first full-knit, technical trainer. Formulated to be more than just a flex piece, the seamless, lightweight upper tipped the scales at just 60 grams. It may have bore the 'VVV' logo on its heel and tongue, short for 'Volez, Voguez, Voyagez' — a phrase first seen in a '60s Vuitton ad campaign for suitcases — but, it never did scale the heights of the Archlight

Returning for the spring/summer 2018 season in four new colourways, the V.N.R sports subtle updates while maintaining its technical core. The knit upper — a weave of three yarns — remains alongside the sneaker's three-piece sole, though its triple V logo has been replaced with the more recognisable interlocking LV emblem. The shoe's hand-painted, metallic finishing on the midsole has also been afforded a boost; favoured in punchier hues this time around. Browse all four colours above. 

Available at Louis Vuitton boutiques. 


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