Louis Vuitton strums new notes with the introduction of this quilted bag

Louis Vuitton strums new notes with the introduction of this quilted bag

New Wave

Text: Andrea Sim

Like the musical evolution of the '80s it is named after, the Louis Vuitton New Wave signs a divergent genre for the maison

It is pure happenstance that Spotify floated Echo and the Bunnymen's The Killing Moon just as we were delving into the inspiration behind this Louis Vuitton bag. The emergence of a 'new wave' of music in the '80s had informed pre-fall 2018's headliner, said the maison. It struck a chord, for obvious reasons. This bag is literally monikered New Wave after that pivotal point in the timeline of music, manifesting in the meandering lines of its quilting that is also a reverberation of a pattern from LV trunks circa late 1800s.

The not so obvious reason: like the Bunnymen's injection of a fresh sound to '80s music, LV is humming somewhat foreign notes here. For its size class, the bag's softness is unlike their hard-edged predecessors such as the Petite Malle, Capucine or Twist. The quilt detailing — though often seen in accessories from peers like Chanel and Saint Laurent — more the exception rather than the norm at LV. But while the maison has decided to branch into a different genre with this release, it is not without a tinge of familiarity; the multi-coloured scrawling of 'Vuitton' on the removable handle reminds us of its widely successful but discontinued Takashi Murakami Multicolore monogram.

Available in two sizes at Louis Vuitton boutiques from 29 June 2018. Black and red are to be the non-seasonal colourways for the New Wave.