8 holiday collectibles from Louis Vuitton you'd be crazy not to love

Objects of desire

Text: Andrea Sim

Including, a rare appearance by Teddy Bear Louis

If Secret Santa is on the agenda this Christmas, there is bound to be someone that has drawn the short straw. Why, you might ask? The hard truth is that not all gifters were made equal. The worst of the lot turn up with boxes of Ferrero Rocher flimsily wrapped in shiny paper, while the most astute will hand over a gift you didn't even realise you desired or needed. 

That being said, like most qualities, the art of gifting too can be nurtured. Step one: Resist the urge to grab a couple of Burt's Bees balm sticks while in queue to check out at Sephora — they lend themselves to the convenience of crappy gifting. Step two: Keep an open mind and embrace the unexpected. The holidays are meant to be whimsical, magical even. Exactly like Louis Vuitton's holiday gifts, above.  

Offering a select range of objects that tie into the maison's colourful history, the six collectibles are fail-safe ideas to stoke utmost desire in a diverse crowd. The traveller, the Martha Stewart, the sports fanatic, the man of good taste... Cancel your bulk order for Merci chocolates stat, and discover a better Christmas above. 


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