Longchamp has a new crossbody built for dawn to dusk

Longchamp has a new crossbody built for dawn to dusk

Double duty

Text: Andrea Sim

The Amazone, an ode to modern superheroes

The sword-wielding, super-strength virtues of the Amazons have been personified in countless films and novels. In rolling out their latest bag, it's this narrative that Longchamp too, aims to tell — except cast through a modern lens. She's no longer a warrior but her willpower, still insurmountable. She's got no clue how to swing a sword, though a brilliant multi-tasker. In short: she's a modern wonder woman. 

Crafted to plug her exhaustive needs in python-print, smooth calfskin and quilting, the Amazone double-looped and tucked under the arm takes one to business meetings. Worn nonchalantly on the shoulder, to Sunday brunch. For riotous nights out, it's best slung across the body. A singular piece to conquer all possibilities. 

Available at Longchamp boutiques. 

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