Do Loewe sunglasses live up to the reputation of their It bags?

Do Loewe sunglasses live up to the reputation of their It bags?

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Text: Jolene Khor

Meet Jinkx, Tyra and Puzzle Medium, the three names by Loewe vowing to protect and serve


The dictionary defines it as a verb, describing an action done "with little effort or care". Half-ass — when you muster the energy to roll up one hem of your jeans, but not enough to give the other equal treatment. Half-ass — a cafe that serves you a perfectly ripe avocade on burnt toast. Half-ass — fashion companies using mass eyewear manufacturers (whose only purpose is to turn a profit) to produce sub-par sunglasses that dilute the brand MO.

Luckily for us, we can leave Loewe out of it, as evidenced by their latest drop. A trio of winners, Jinkx, Tyra and Puzzle Medium, seperately and together embody the kind of excellent craftmanship those familiar with the house can already vouch for. Take Jinkx, coming out on top for its stitched leather front. The contrast finishing, bound to be a hit among admirers of the Gate bag. There's also Tyra, the openwork lenses vaguely reminiscent of Gaga's circa 'Pokerface'; sportier but no less dramatic. Where the Puzzle Medium relies on tradition, the model also challenges it by turning a classic aviator shape on its head with an additional lens sitting atop the nose bridge. A third eye? That, we're not ruling out.

Loewe sunglasses are available in stores.

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