There's a new anti-It bag in town to sate all modest souls out there

There's a new anti-It bag in town to sate all modest souls out there

Low-key arm candy

Text: Andrea Sim

As a siren of quiet luxury, branding is on a need-to-know basis for Loewe's Gate

In today's Postinternet culture that's deeply rooted in social media, flaunting is but a way of life. It's fortified by hashtags, location tags, and mentions, to be summed up in a singular, probing question: if it's not on social media, did it really happen? Here, this is not so much a query but a rhetoric — further fleshed out elsewhere from one man's perspective. But precisely because you can flaunt to no end in this digital age and, in most instances get away with it, the It-bag — or It-anything — doesn't necessarily have to scream its provenance. 

We saw it in the rise of Proenza Schouler's virtually "unbranded" bookish PS1 a couple years back, and again in Jonathan Anderson's Loewe. Following the Puzzle, Hammock and Animal predecessors that sport little but nondescript, debossed logos of the Spanish brand, the Gate — inspired by the saddle with a functional belt strap as its sole distinctive feature — is modest in both design and branding. However, Loewe will have you know that it's the métier that is far from.

The company's leather craft origins informs the construction, a task that still remains in the hands of the house's master artisans. The edges of its curved silhouette are hand-painted and its insides are plush with suede — a bag that's destined to age as gracefully as it is to win the hearts of consumers. After all, the hashtags on social media will make sure of it. 

Available at Casa Loewe at The Paragon. 

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